Octoberfest Washougal

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest Volksfest (beer festival and travelling funfair) in Germany and other countries. Held annually, it is a 16- to 18-day folk festival running from mid or late September to the first weekend in October.


The Oktoberfest tradition started in 1810 to celebrate the October 12th marriage of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig to the Saxon-Hildburghausen Princess Therese. The citizens of Munich were invited to join in the festivities which were held over five days on the fields in front of the city gates. The main event of the original Oktoberfest was a horse race.

Anniversary celebrations were held annually thereafter that eventually became larger and more elaborate. When the city began allowing beer on the fairgrounds, makeshift beer stands began cropping up, and their number increased steadily until they were eventually replaced by beer halls in 1896. The beer halls, like the beer tents of today, were sponsored by the local breweries.

The festival was eventually prolonged and moved ahead to September to allow for better weather conditions. Today, the last day of the festival is the first Sunday in October.

Local Tradition

Washougal is keeping the tradition of inviting its citizens to celebrate the festivities by hosting it’s 6th annual Oktoberfest with local breweries serving biers, local vendor serving sausages and sauerkraut among other food vendors, live music from our local Washougal School of Music on Sat the 29th, and more dance music from our local DJ Pyum.

While this is a 21 and over celebration, we made space for the kinders to have fun too from 2p to 5p on Saturday, the 29th. There will be facepainting by our local Joy Entertainers, and our local Paint Rollers will be there to help create rock art.

If you are able to help at the festivities, please contact DWAVolunteers@gmail.com

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